Dansen 2023

Dansen 2023
Come do the line dance Come do the line dance
Hillibilly Rock hillibilly rock
lights on the Hill lights on the hill
Long Line of Love long line of love
Kingsbee Boogie kingbee boogie
Tooth Sweet tooth Sweet
Fais Do Do Fais do do
Chop Chop Chop Chop
Mucara Walk mucara Walk
Nothing But You Nothing But You
Rock & Roll Found Me Rock & Roll Found Me
Fence Post Fence Post
Chase That Song Chase That Song
Oh Lonsome Me Oh Lonesome Me
All Shook UP All Shook Up
Lucky Lips Lucky Lips
Born To Rock Born To Rock
Adios Amiga Adios Amiga
Amsterdam Moonlight Amsterdam Moonlight
Country As Can Be Country As Can Be
Adios Cowboy Adios Cowboy
Jambalaya Jambalaya
Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor
Alan Jackson Alan Jackson
Jersey Giant Jersey Giant
If You’re Gonna be Bad geen video